24 January 2012

Valentine's Decorations

I enjoyed the Christmas decorations so much this year that I was starting to feel sad about taking them down way back in December. So even before Christmas I was planning some nice Valentine's decorations and even ordering supplies. And I love them.

This banner I made with some paper hearts that I ordered off Etsy. It was inspired by a million similar ones I've seen around the internet. I especially love this as I think it's quite classy. And the little hearts are so small and delicate that they move ever so slightly when the heating is going. I just sewed through the hearts on the sewing machine - the trickiest part was holding two hearts together while I sewed, next time I try something like this it will be with something double sided.

I also ordered these vintage valentines off Etsy just for fun. I picked animal ones - Kevin enjoys the puns and Henry enjoys pointing at the animals.

To hang from the chandelier I sewed up these hearts from some pink and red fabric that I love but is too nasty and synthetic feeling to use for anything else. I like the think this one was all my idea.

And I have dreams of doing valentines crafts with Henry one day. I don't know if these count as he didn't know what he was doing. But I cut these hearts out of some cardstock that Henry painted and coloured on and then just taped them to some strings. To get the heart shaped I used the cutting machine at the Early Years Centre where I take Henry to play and it is really fun - lots of possibilities!

I love my decorated living and dining room and I love making new traditions and rituals. Especially colourful ones in this particularly dreary winter we are having.

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