03 May 2012

Pants for Henry and a Hike

All of a sudden Henry has no pants that fit him.  I put away the ones that were getting too short but the ones that are long enough just ship right off of him he's so thin.  I altered a few to make them fit but I also wanted to make some myself that fit him just right.  

These turned out pretty perfect I think - just the right amount of room.  I made them by tracing a pattern from a pair of pants that was too short and just made them longer.  And they even have fold up cuffs so, assuming he never gets any wider, they should fit for quite a while.

I used some leftover fabric from some pants I made myself last summer.  The fabric is grey with a tie-dye look, a result of my first attempt and failure at dying fabric.  I think Henry can pull off the tie dye look.

I took these photos at a park that we went to this morning.  I am feeling really good this week and even managed to do a bit of a hike with Henry.  Henry's favourite part was when he found a hole in the fence and we were able to go through it and watch the cars on the highway.  He suggested we hold hands and cross the road - I said no, not on the highway.

He is really getting too good at talking.  Today he not only told me "no smile" when I was trying to take his picture but also said "put camera in mommy's purse".  I did oblige and leave it in my purse most of the time.

Yes, it's dandelion season.  Not sure if we'll get round to picking some for dandelion wine this year. 

And when we got home we had some fun out in the backyard.   

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