07 May 2012


 We had our first batch of asparagus from the garden on Friday.  We didn't get much and it was mostly the skinny ones that were ready.  And I cooked them in a pasta primavera with lots of other veg so we couldn't taste them too much.  Still, we had our first food from the garden.  And there are some nice fat asparagus coming.

Other than the asparagus, all we've been enjoying from the garden are the spring flowers.  This is the nicest time of year in the garden - no bugs and it's not overgrown yet.  We spent just about the whole weekend out there so we are getting lots of enjoyment out of it.


Henry has been practising his blowing.  With bubbles and with these dandelion clocks.  I see him when he's on his own just spitting and blowing a bit and saying "blowing bubbles".  But when he gets the bubble wand or the dandelion clock in front of his mouth he just chokes and can't perform.    He actually just puts it in front of his mouth and does absolutely nothing.  More practice is in order I suppose.

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