11 May 2012

As a twosome

I am now 40 weeks pregnant.  And of course I am so excited to meet my new little baby but I know I will also be missing my time as a twosome with Henry.  Because it's really easy just heading out the door with a two year old for a fun adventure.  And it's fun and I love my little Henry and love giving him these fun experiences especially on days like today when he really was having a great time.  So today I managed to get myself up onto my bicycle and drive us to the creek (it is less than a 10 minute ride).
We both had so much fun this time.  Henry alternated between throwing rocks and sand into the water.  And I got to sit in the sun and watch him have a blast.  He's already saying "go to the creek again again".  I promised him we would sometime soon.   

At one point when I was trying to make him smile at the camera I gave myself a rock nose in this way.  It was a hit, here's Henry imitating with a nose and an eye.

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