25 May 2012

Henry's Baby

In my last few weeks of pregnancy I was finishing up this project.  It is the baby doll and doll quilt from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings.  It was a pretty fun project.  The doll is super super simple and kind of ends up looking like an alien.  And the quilt was fun.  But the quilt ended up being quite a bit of work and it turned out really well and if I'd known it was going to be that much work and that it was going to turn out well I would have rather made a real quilt I think instead of a doll's quilt, oh well.  
We gave it to Henry shortly after Bridget's arrival and he loved it.  I wasn't really expecting him to since he's been on a cars only kick for several months.  And he quickly got bored of it but the first day or two he did love it.  He said it was a "cookie man baby" since it looks like a gingerbread man.  And he likes to pretend to take bites out of it too.  

He was really into spreading out the blanket and getting Daddy to help him change the baby's diaper on it.  He wanted to do that again and again and again until Kevin couldn't stand to do it even one more time.  

 showing it to baby Bridget:

changing the diaper with Daddy:

wiping the baby's bum:

he still loves baby Bridget:

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