06 May 2012

39 Weeks

Baby is coming soon, I am getting close to the 40 week mark.  I have been feeling great recently and Henry and I have been getting out in the nice weather a lot the past few days.  We even got out on the bike on Friday - it is still easier than walking.

Before I saw these photos I was sure that I hadn't put on much weight in my face this time but clearly now I have.  My pregnancy weight gain hit 50 pounds last week!  I am sure it is a good thing though, I lost the weight and more last time well before Henry was one so I can assume the same thing will happen this time.  Just as soon as the little nursling pops out I can start!

I am feeling good recently and, knowing that this might be our last kid and this could be the very last time in my life that I get to be pregnant, I am savouring every moment.

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