29 May 2012

2 Kids

Here is documentation of today, my first day alone with 2 kids.  It was a big success.  

We took the car out to a couple shops in the morning (including mine and Henry's favourite thrift store where he was allowed to pick out 2 cars to take home and I was allowed to buy a couple little girl dresses for the first time!).  And we walked to the playground in the afternoon.  Bridget was happy in the stretchy wrap and she's so small tucked up on my chest that I could still play and even go down the slide with Henry.  

And I also managed to put away a load of laundry and have dinner on the table at 5.  But I'm sure I won't be so productive every day - I was totally psyched up for my first day of being supermom, ready for a challenge.  

Bridget had one fussy period in the morning which took quite a lot of shushing and rocking before she could calm down and get to sleep.  (She seems to be turning into quite the fussy baby!)  But Henry does not like her crying and he is quick to tell me she needs mommy milk or she needs a hug.  So Henry was happy to play on his own while I helped Bridget.  

Henry is going through some sort of transition with his sleep schedule that we have yet to figure out.  I was looking out for signs of sleepiness in the early afternoon but he showed none until right at 5 (which I ignored because I did not want him to start a nap so late).  And then he fell asleep while playing on the floor.  
It was awesome - he just started moving the car around more and more slowly with his eyes slowly drooping until he pulled the car in for a hug and fell asleep.  (So asleep that he didn't wake up when Kevin changed his poopy diaper!)  And now 4 hours later (9 pm!) he is still asleep... so we definitely have to figure out a new sleep schedule for him.  

So I am definitely feeling good about this 2 kid thing.  Of course if I know anything about kids it's that they change constantly so who knows what I'll be saying next week.

Bridget in the stretchy wrap

ready for a trip to the park with Mommy and Baby Bridget

loads of fun to be had with a puddle and 2 new cars

asleep mid-play

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