14 May 2012

Birthday and Mother's Day Weekend

I had an absolutely perfect weekend.  My birthday was Saturday and Mother's Day was Sunday.  And I am 40 weeks pregnant so even without any special day people should be pampering me so it was kind of my weekend.  But I think I did a good job at sharing it with my mum too.  

My mum and sister came to Waterloo for the weekend.  The weather was perfect, Henry was in a good mood (as he always is these days when he's in the company of one of his favourite friends like Auntie Eliza), had some tasty easy meals and cupcakes made by Auntie Eliza, Kevin was super helpful, and the weather was perfect.  We spent lots of time relaxing in the backyard.  And I was feeling really really good - no aches or pains and lots of energy.  Feel like I'd be happy to be pregnant forever.  

Here are some pictures to remember the weekend by.

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