14 March 2011

Belt Bags 1 and 2

Belt bag is, I think, a cooler term for a fanny pack. And that has been my goal for these 2 sewing projects: to make a 'cool' fanny pack. I just got the idea that it would be nice to have my important things (wallet, camera, cell phone) safely on my person even when I throw my (bigger) bag on the ground or leave it in the stroller.

So I made belt bag 1 (the red one) from the instructions in One Yard Wonders. But then when I was just about done sewing that up, I saw a belt bag somewhere on this blog, Trula Kids (can't find the actual bag now) that looked much hipper (it's a European blog so anything on there is automatically hip right) than the one I was almost done making for myself.

So I finished that less cool belt bag and got straight to work on a cooler one based off the one I saw on Trula Kids. And this is what I came up with:

I like it, I think I got the size just right. But I don't love wearing it. I'm either just not used to it or I just don't like the feel of a belt bag or maybe the fact that it kind of hangs down makes it less comfortable (different than a typical fanny pack but also what makes it cooler). So first off I want to try de-bulking my wallet a bit and see if that helps. And I do like having my important stuff attached around my waist so I hope I can figure something out.

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