01 March 2011


I've read so many times about how great sprouting seeds inside is. It is often mentioned in gardening type books and I've read about it on people's blogs. I always read how healthy and easy and inexpensive and fun it is. But when I've tried to do it in the past I've always quickly become overwhelmed with what I should buy from where and thinking it's getting a bit expensive with shipping. But this time I went straight to Mumm's Sprouts and it was easy. All laid out so I knew what I wanted to buy, pretty cheap I'd say, and free shipping.

So I've been sprouting. It is fun and easy and I like the taste added to lots of things.

On salmon rolls:

With hummus (along with peri peri drizzle hot sauce):
On top of lentil curry (along with crispy fried onions):
And Henry really loves them just plain, gobbles them up:

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