18 March 2011

Vegan Hot Cross Buns

I made some hot cross buns the other day. They had previously been one of the few things I bought eggs for but this year I had to practice making an egg-free version as my strictly vegan sister will be visiting at Easter time. I just wasn't sure about subbing egg in yeast baking but from this experience it is just as easy as baking powder baking.

I used this recipe from Delia Smith, a very easy recipe that has turned out delicious every time I've made it. And it doesn't have too much kneading either. This time I subbed oil for the butter (those silly weight measurements that the British use tend to work out even better than volume measurements for subbing oil for butter) and subbed 2 TBSP soy yogurt for the egg. They turned out delicious, tasted just like last year's egg version.

And Henry is still walking all over the place, enjoying his new freedom. And I am still taking a million pictures every time because there's nothing cuter than a little baby walking all around town.

1 comment:

  1. Sooo cute! I can imagine you take over a million pic's ;)
    Well done Henry!
    Love, Yvonne