12 March 2011

I can make a cardigan

I am really in love with sewing right now and have all sorts of confidence and am excited to keep trying new things. This time I thought I'd try making a light cardigan out of the material from a winter skirt that was too big for me.

I used my basic top pattern from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing Summer Blouse but the original version that was a bit bigger than my altered version. I had planned on making it a hoodie but ran out of fabric. In fact I didn't even have enough left over to make the patch pocket I had planned. So then what was I to do for the neck opening? All I had left was the skirt's waistband so I used that and did a mandarin collar type thing that I think looks pretty cool.

I really like how it turned out - it feels quite cozy even though it's not very warm which is just what I want sometimes. And here I am showing my finished seams done with my new SERGER I just bought myself this week. I am very excited about it and now have all sorts of other projects I have to give a try.

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