02 March 2011

Heather Ross' Summer blouse variation

I am in love with this Weekend Sewing book and especially this pattern. It's great being able to sew simple summer tops for myself because I know I will end up wearing them a lot. And now because it's so easy to make infinite variations.

On this one I did a rounded neck with now slit. And I cut the front in half near the top and did a bit of gathering. And I did a patch pocket. And I am very happy with the result.

I did use some thrift store fabric from my stash and I had to really scrounge and artfully arrange pattern pieces to get enough fabric.

This is still far off from serious pattern drafting but just making my own little variations to a pattern makes me feel a bit all powerful like now I can create anything. It's got me real jazzed about sewing for sure. And I am finally sewing clothes for myself that I actually like. I'm done with making clothes that ungrateful baby for awhile. Of course, sewing nice things for myself does have me thinking it might be time to buy a serger. But it's a bit overwhelming and for now I am holding out for a good deal on a used one.

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