26 March 2011

A Trip to Paris

We had the best day out today. We took a drive to Paris, Ontario and also made some stops at Brantford and Cambridge.

First off, the drive from Waterloo to Paris was lovely - the nicest drive I've ever done in Ontario I think. It was all along the Grand river with views of the river down through the bare trees. On the way we had to stop and get out to take pictures when we saw these 4 vultures hanging out on some crates. At first all four were spreading their wings but I didn't manage to capture that.

Paris is a really nice small town about 45 minutes from us right at the intersection of 2 rivers. We walked all around the small town and looked around the shops including a couple of thrift shops.

We got to see an example of this rare building style that uses field stones.

We had a nice pub lunch. Henry was a little angel in the pub. He tasted some fries but lost interest in them as soon as I pulled his current favourite food out of my bag - orange.

Brantford didn't have much for us to look at. It did have an LCBO well stocked in beer for Kevin. In Cambridge we also stopped off at the Grand River Brewing Company store to pick up even more beer. And Henry got to stretch his legs a bit.

When we got home Henry practiced walking around in his rainboots that we bought him today, Kevin looked up his new beers on RateBeer, and there was still time for some playing.

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