25 March 2011

Heather Ross' Summer blouse variation 2

The summer blouse pattern took a bit of tweaking to get it to fit me just right but now I've done that there's so many possibilities for simple woven tops - I can't stop. This one I made from a men's large shirt that had this awesome boat and dolphin pattern on it. I cut the front in two so that the top bit has buttons and the bottom doesn't (reusing the button part from the original shirt).

And to test whether I can wear it all year - it looks cool with a cardi. These pictures remind me why short hair is not for me - it needs cutting again already!

And Henry's new thing is his shape sorting toy. He's getting it. Right now it is mostly trial and error but he gets it in a lot of the time. And he LOVES when you clap for him after he gets it in.

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