14 May 2011

Cloth Diapers

I know when I was trying to get our cloth diaper stash ready before Henry was born I read and read and read all over the internet to try and figure out what was the best way to do it. So now I thought I'd write just a little about what I've learned.

We took a little hiatus from cloth diapers at the end of the winter but I'm glad to say we are back to using cloth almost all the time now. We use disposables when we are out visiting and we use one overnight diposable each night to keep Henry's bum nice and dry while he sleeps. But other than that we are back to cloth.

In the past week I made 10 new cloth diapers in an effort to get Kevin and I jazzed about cloth diapering again. I made these a little different than most of the ones I had made previously because now I know better what I like.

I still used the free Rita's Rump Pocket pattern but this time I sewed the absorbant stuff in instead of leaving it open for stuffing. Leaving it open did really make it size adjustable - they really did fit him when he was just a few weeks old and still fit him now. But having to stuff them before you use them is annoying and taking the stuffing out when the diaper is soiled is annoying and gross. Also, even with the stuffing out, the diapers take quite a while to dry in the dryer because of the elasticated leg openings so I would hang them to dry anyway.

I also picked light coloured fabrics for making the diapers. I've learned they make it easier to peek and see if the diaper is dirty while Henry is wearing it.

Here is Henry in the wool diaper cover shorts that I knit him last May. I use wool covers occasionally but much prefer the storebought plastic covers. And we've been happy with the cheap Kushies brand covers.

So we are using mostly the stuffed pocket diapers with pins and plastic covers. We have some cheap all in ones that I use because they're easy but he almost always ends up getting damp pants when wearing those. And now that he's having big boy poos I like our diaper sprayer attached to the toilet for getting rid of that poop before putting to be washed. But even with the sprayer that bit is pretty gross.

In other news Henry is eating quite well these days after going through a couple months during which he refused almost all food and only wanted to nurse. He will usually eat some of what we are eating. Some of his new favourite foods are plain chickpeas, pasta, and strawberries. I think his favourite is still banana though and he says " 'nana" whenever he sees one.

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