17 May 2011

A pair of pants

Kids Clothes Week Challenge was last week in blogland but now that it's over and blog land is full of inspiring pictures of handmade kids clothes I am finally inspired and getting a lot done this week already, more to photograph later. These are just super simple pants made from sleeves of an old long sleeved T. I had to make a new pattern as he is bigger than last time I made some, just did something similar to here.

I made them quickly this morning while Henry was running around underneath me, they are that simple. We have been into putting him in sweatpants recently (especially into the not having to bother changing him into PJs part of it) so I thought he could use another pair. Here they are in action.

And here they are dripping wet.

And on an unrelated note, look what he did this morning. He did not want to sit in his high chair and eat breakfast so I just left a plate of banana on his little desk. And all on his own he climbed into his chair and sat there eating his breakfast. And then he pulled out a book to browse while he ate. What a big boy!!!

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