20 May 2011

Another Sun Hat

Finally we have some sun so Henry can get out and wear his new sun hat that I made him. It is the same pattern I used here from Little Things to Sew. I always planned on making 2 because I know sometimes the other one will be lost or dirty or left at Nana's. So now we have a backup. And this time I used a light coloured cotton from some khaki pants and some navy blue with a cool fish pattern for the lining. Nice and light to keep him cool this summer, of course it is already dirty with soil and curry from our lunch outside.

We spent all morning outdoors today enjoying the lack of rain. We were in the backyard, then did some shopping, played at 2 different playgrounds, and wandered through dandelions. With all this rain the dandelions have been growing like crazy and the city hasn't had a chance to mow them down yet. We are hoping to get out and pick some for making dandelion wine before they get mowed.


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