09 May 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I had a wonderful mother's day this year. I spent it with my mother and my son and husband and sister. The 5 of us drove to Limehouse to do a hike along the Bruce Trail there. It is a very interesting area with caves/big splits in the rocks. We walked for a couple hours and enjoyed a picnic lunch.

On our way home we stopped at Andrews' Scenic Acres, a farm that we used to go to as kids and the adjoining Scotch Block Winery. We had no idea about this winery but when we got there we found out they specialized in fruit wines, just like a lot of the fruit wines Kevin and I have been experimenting with in the past year. So we were very excited to have lots of samples of their interesting wines and to buy a couple bottles to bring home. Henry got to taste some raspberry juice which he loved and play at the playground there.

When we got back to my mum's we were able to lounge in the backyard enjoying the nice weather and I even got a surprise birthday cake and presents.

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