04 May 2011

Happy Henry

I think today might have been the best day of Henry's life. He got to do all sorts of fun stuff. In the morning we went to Busy Bees indoor playground in Kitchener. We hadn't been since the fall when Henry was still a bit young for it. Now it is perfect for him. He loved it so much. I was surprised that I actually felt like it was worth the $7 to get in. We were there for 1 1/2 hours and Henry had a blast. The ball pit was his favourite.

Then in the afternoon we managed to fit in some playtime in the backyard and at the park and even a walk up our street.

And after dinner Daddy went and picked up a big new toy for him: this climb and slide bus. Henry loved playing with Nana's wooden indoor slide while we were at her house the past two weeks so we really wanted to get one for our house when we got home. And we managed to find this one used. And he loves it. He just figured out how to turn himself around to go down steps and slides this past week so now he can play on it on his own.
How could a day be any better than that for a 14 month old?

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