11 January 2012

Back to Normal

We are just about back to normal after our big long Christmas and New Years family time. Well, we are closer to back to normal.

Henry is changing all the time these days so there is no normal. He is really into dressing up this week which is new. He loved the outfit below which includes the glasses from Mr. Potato Head and Mommy's purse (because he couldn't figure out how to "put on" the Mr. Potato Head purse). And he just surprised me by going to sleep for his nap on his own! I gave up on helping him to sleep and just left him, telling him to stay in bed and it worked!
Also it is crazy warm for January (7C this afternoon!) so that's not normal. Henry was out with his sidewalk chalk today.
And Henry finally caught the cold that I got rid of on the weekend so we are taking it slow. We've been out a bit, can't let this crazy weather go completely to waste. But mostly we are staying in and doing quiet activities, luckily Henry has a whole load of new toys to play with.

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