22 January 2012

A Maternity Top

I got back into some sewing last week and made myself this maternity top. I used this awesome vintage pattern.
If it wasn't so fiddly I'd want to make another one, well maybe in another month or so I'll try a sleeveless version. But I am definitely in the mood for something simple for my next sewing project. And I think I also want to go buy some plain fabric. I have a closet full of these loud prints (that is what ends up in thrift stores for some reason...) and always feel that I should use them up but I know I will get more wear out of something more plain.
And here's a 24 week belly shot. This baby is coming along nicely. I have been having some back troubles but I think I just have to be more firm about not carrying Henry.
And here's Henry still getting lots of wear out of the sweater I sewed for him a year ago (and it's held up really well even though it was made pre-serger). And a shot of him in it in November 2010 for comparison, I remember that baby.

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