19 January 2012


We had our first proper snow of the winter today. It was storming all morning but when it died down in the afternoon Henry and I made sure to get out in it.

We started off shovelling the driveway but then when we tried the sled and found Henry loved it we were off on an adventure in our neighbourhood park. He loved going down the slight hill in his sled (was too scary for him last year). And then we went on an adventure through the woods.
I pulled him up a gradual hill and then he walked a bit (helping to push the sled up too!) and then I carried him up the last steep bit so we could sit and get one of my favourite Waterloo views. I then wasn't sure how to get down that steep bit and ended up sliding down on my bum with Henry on my lap. It sure was steep and we ended up going really fast, luckily I only hit my tail bone once and not too hard. And then I let him slide down the rest on his sled, grabbing the sled every once in a while to steer it through the trees.
And of course then there was the problem. I told him we could go up the hill again if he walked the whole way or we could just go home. Of course he didn't want to do either but after some deliberation we decided to go home and then there was a half hour of crying about wanting to go up the mountain again. But he's ok now and I think we both mostly remember the awesome fun time.

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