06 January 2012

A Dog Coat

I didn't make many Christmas Presents this year. Kevin and I did some cinnamon and peppermint soap and I gave out some granola and vegan chocolate fudge. The only things I sewed were this dog coat and Henry's dino coat.

I used the same pattern as last year from One Yard Wonders but used the largest size and even had to extend it a bit more. I made it out of an old jacket of mine and even added an extra layer of fleece so should keep him warm I think. Such a simple project but I think I got a bit creative with the upturned collar to keep his little doggy neck warm too.

We are still at my mum's. Having fun with family. We stayed in together for New Years and had some nice appetizer type foods. Henry got to have some fun too before he went to bed.

We spent a day at Niagara Falls. I hadn't been there in years. It is always a nice day out there - so much to look at.

And we've been enjoying ourselves around the house a lot especially since the weather is not so nice. Henry's big on playing the piano these days. And when he plays the low notes he says "scary" - so sweet.

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