17 January 2012


This crazy warm weather isn't so appreciated when it's raining out. So we haven't ventured outside much the past 2 days. We have been out and about in the car though, now that Henry is not sick anymore. Yesterday we went to a playgroup and today we went swimming, both were fun for both of us.

And Henry's been doing some serious playing in the house. He's loving playing with all his various little figurines and people. He pushes them around in his doll stroller, feeds them smoothie, plays with them in the dollhouse (even rocking and singing the baby to sleep and making the baby and mommy lay in bed for mommy milk time - so sweet!), and pushes them down his slide when they're feeling adventurous. I just love seeing him play in this way and it has been letting me get lots done - the kitchen has been clean for 2 days straight and I even cleaned out the car!

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