29 January 2012


I made myself another top last week. This one is from the translated Japanese sewing book Simple Modern Sewing. I think it is a good book so far, I want to make a bunch more of the things in there but I think they will wait for post pregnancy.

I bought the material for this top new. I was looking for something solid but instead found this navy and white check which is still pretty plain I think. And it is a nice loose weave so drapes nicely.
I do really like this top even though it is not very flattering and makes me look humongous. It looked much nicer on the very thin and small busted Japanese woman in the pattern book. I will definitely wear it while I'm pregnant at least as it's long and comfy. Here's my 25 week belly. This pregnancy is coming along nicely and my back is no longer bothering me now that I am being more careful about carrying Henry too much.
And in Henry news, here he is out at a restaurant in Elora for breakfast yesterday. I thought this would be a really fun treat since Henry loves pancakes so much these days. And he was excited about pancakes as soon as he heard us order it from the waitress but he lost interest after a few bites and went to play on the floor of the restaurant with his toys. Oh well it was still a nice outing.

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