23 February 2011

Heather Ross' Summer blouse #2

I made a second summer blouse from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing. And I think I got it just right this time, a definite improvement from blouse #1. (There was also a blouse #1.5 that has since made its way into the scrap bucket due to a combination of deciding that I actually didn't like the fabric I was using and trying to make my own bias tape not on the bias, very silly I know but I only had a small bit of material that I wanted to use.) I used actual fabric from the fabric store for this one (was so nice to use real, brand new fabric for a change). I took it in quite a bit and I think I found just the right balance between being flattering and comfy - it's a delicate balance with woven material. Now that I've perfected the pattern for me I have a million more ideas of little variations I want to make.

And I did a 3/4 length sleeve which I really like. It's funny because what first attracted me to the blouse was that I always think wearing long sleeves is really quite a hip thing to do in the summer. But 3/4 length is still quite long and feels less bulky under a cardigan.

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