28 February 2011

1st Birthday Celebration #3

Ok it is over. We have done all the first birthday celebrating we are doing with this kid. Yesterday was the party with my husband's family including loads of relatives. We had 25 people in the house and enjoyed having pizza delivered and eating cake. Henry is already getting used to large groups. But his naps were all thrown off and he was a bit of a crank for a lot of the party. Luckily there were lots of people around to give him attention.

Mostly he wanted to read books and he even started saying 'ook' or sometimes just 'ouh' but definitely with the meaning book. I want to hear it again today before I really accept that he has said his first word. It is completely out of the blue, he still doesn't even seem to understand mama or dada.

A visit from boozo the clown - a perfect joke for my husband's family.

Opening a few presents.

Throwing his cake on the floor.

And reading with Grandma.

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