21 September 2011

Another Shirt

I made myself another shirt. I'm not pretending that I need more shirts but I had an idea of something that I wanted to sew and I like to think that's more important than fitting all my clothes into my half of our small closet. This is made from a pair of pure wool pants that I had that were too small for me in several dimensions so I didn't hesitate to cut them up and use the beautiful fabric. I had actually planned to make a different, more complicated shirt but soon discovered that I had grossly overestimated the amount of fabric that comes from one pair of pants, even one with lots of pleats. So instead I made this simple shirt. Each sleeve had to be made from 3 scrap pieces and I think the shirt is just screaming for patch pockets but I don't have a scrap left to make them from.
For a base pattern, I used a couple patterns from the Japanese sewing book Happy Homemade Vol. 1. I am really liking this shortsleeved top over a long sleeved top since I saw it in my Japanese pattern books. No, it's not super practical but it looks cool. Actually when I wore this outfit yesterday I was the perfect temperature and I think the tightly woven wool T-shirt helped keep out the wind to keep me just a smidge warmer.

And what's Henry been up to? He really likes this toy broom that I bought him on the weekend (from our local broom maker of course). Here he is helping me clean up some rice that he spilled at dinner. It's nice because I have been teaching him to help clean up when he makes a mess but often that means I see him picking up many many teeny tiny pieces of puffed wheat off the floor and putting them back in the bowl. Now he can "help" with the broom (he's still a little too uncoordinated to help without quotation marks).

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