08 September 2011

Carrots and Potatoes

We had the first of the 2011 garden carrots today. I've been waiting for them to get nice and big, some of them were. I dug up just enough to use tonight and left the rest in the ground to keep growing.

I also dug up all the potatoes.

And I got a full basket of tomatoes.

Henry had fun in the garden while I worked today.

We ate our garden bounty today with fondue. I got a recipe for vegan fondue from Kim Barnoiun's Ultimate Everyday Cookbook which I have out from the library. It was delicious. Earlier this week I used another recipe from the book to make squash ravioli with squash from the garden, I had planned on taking a picture but it got all stuck together so was a big old mess to look at thought it tasted great. For the fondue, I prepared lots of good things to dip: homemade rosemary garlic bread, broccoli, cauliflower, garden carrots, roasted garden potatoes, and garden tomatoes.

It was a fun meal. Too bad Henry is a super picky eater at the moment and all he ate for dinner was some smoothie and a bit of apple.

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