16 September 2011

French Fries

Henry has turned into a terrible eater. All he wants to eat is bread, granola bars, and apples. And he usually likes pasta with tomato sauce. Luckily he also still likes smoothies so I am filling those with as much good stuff as I can (have started adding black beans or chick peas along with everything else).

Oh and he eats fries at restaurants. So I thought I'd try making him some fries tonight. They are still greasy but they have no salt. I always put cumin, oregano, thyme, and paprika on homemade fries in place of salt. And I did half potato, half yam. He refused to try the yam fries but at least he liked the potato fries. Finally another real food that he likes even if it is french fries.

Edited to add: It's about 5 days later and he now hates french fries!

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