06 September 2011

Breithaupt Park Revisited

Henry and I did the Breithaupt Park hike again on Friday. We both still liked it, Henry liked it slightly less than last time. I think the excitement of hiking is wearing off for him.

I thought it was beautiful last time but this time I thought it was crazy beautiful. So I took a bunch of pictures and then I didn't know what to do with the pictures, they're too pretty to do nothing with so I am putting them here. Surely someone agrees with me that this plain old forest is exceptionally pretty.


  1. Aah, that was me many years ago with my Grandmother, walking the dog. What a sacred place in my past....


    - Jeff Emmerson


  2. P.S. - Do you actually live on Willowdale Rd.? My best friend grew up at 222 Willowdale Rd. :) It's a sacred street!

    1. We are actually on Willowdale. 222 is full of students nowadays but there are a lot of people who've been on the street for 40+ years, we love this area.