12 September 2011

2 Skirts

I have been doing some sewing recently, just haven't been getting around to the photographing. Am I getting over the need to photograph everything I sew? No I think I should keep doing it - it's so important for us stay-at-home moms to feel we accomplish "stuff" and I like it to be on record too.
This first skirt I made a couple months ago but then forgot about and wore for the first time on our day trip to Stratford. It was made from a dress that I made that didn't turn out. And it wasn't made well. The seams are all skewif, I used just the serger (and with white thread), and didn't redo the hem after taking in the sides. And all those things make it look terrible when you've just sewn it and are very aware of them. But a few months later they're not noticeable. And it turns out a skirt in a knit material is super comfy. I would like to make another one that I am more proud of one of these days. I used the waist band from a pair of shorts that I began taking apart for material about a year ago (I think only the pockets are left from them). I love this solution for waistbands, especially when it's with this awesome print.

And I just finished this denim skirt a week or so ago. I had wanted a denim skirt for a while but I wanted it to be a bit flowy (that's how I like my skirts). So to fit this requirement I had to make it myself. And I finally did it after finding a denim table cloth in a thrift store (a denim tablecloth!). I based the pattern off another skirt that I've had for years and love (the one I am wearing in this post). It has 4 panels and I cut it on the bias hoping to add to the flowiness. Of course I added pockets and did an elastic waist (one of these days I will graduate from the elastic waist but not yet). It turned out pretty perfect I think.

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