16 September 2011

Water Kefir: The best drink in the world ever

I started making water kefir this summer. I don't know where I heard about it but it was awhile ago and it just took me that long to finally get around to ordering the "grains". I finally ordered some on ebay for just $8 and now we all have a new favourite drink. It's delicious, refreshing, fizzy and really good for you - full of probiotics.

Here's the recipe I've been using the most. There are lots of variations out there that I still have to try. But they all involve adding the "grains" (these spongy granules of bacteria and yeast that eat sugar, cause the drink to ferment, and multiply) to some water with sugar and fruit (the fruit gives the "grains" extra minerals). First I ferment it for 2 days in the jars above (with loose lids), then I transfer is to flip top grolsch-style bottles and let it ferment for another day and a half to get fizzy.

It really is delicious, it was especially nice having a healthy fizzy drink in the summer but we are still drinking it now we're getting fall weather. It's not like kombucha which is definitely an acquired taste. The kefir recipe I use has lemons and everyone who has tasted it loves it right away. I even give it to Henry before it turns fizzy and he loves it. I call it juice and he's never disappointed when he takes a sip and it doesn't quite taste like juice. I can only describe the taste as tart, or tangy maybe.

And my grains are really multiplying - I can now make almost 2 L every 2 days which has caused a bit of an overflow in the fridge. I am slowing it down now though. I'd love to give anyone interested my extra grains - just let me know!

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