26 September 2011

Highlights from the Weekend

We had a lovely family weekend. We spent some time out and about and some time at home, some time being productive and some time relaxing, some time just the three of us and some time with friends. And we had some nice meals too.

Got to try our latest homebrewed beer that we've called "hoptometrist". It is definitely our best yet with all the bitterness that we wanted.

Drove out to Fergus, one of our favourite small towns in the area and did some playing and some walking.

Finally stopped at this overlook that we see on our country drives and found out that it is quite beautiful. And Henry got to do some walking up and downhill, his favourite kind.

Saw this snapping turtle on the golf course when we were doing Waterloo's RIM Park walk with some friends.

Had homemade chocolate beer waffles with homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce for our Sunday dinner - delicious! Recipes from Vegan Brunch and Vegan Scoop.

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