15 September 2011

The Best Day of My Life

Back when I was working (yes I still remember those 4 months I spent as an engineer) I used to say that my life was like the guy's from Office Space. Every day was slightlyLink worse than the previous day and so every day was the worst day of my life. Since giving up work, and especially since Henry was born, each day is slightly better than the last. So every day is the best day of my life.

Of course there are days when either Henry or I are in a bad mood or when everything just goes wrong. But for the regular days, each one really is the best day of my life. Yesterday was one of those days. Henry and Kevin and I just spent a regular day together but it was perfect.

We spent some time out in the garden. Henry played by himself while I did that best, easiest kind of gardening that happens at this time of year: the harvest. I picked some tomatoes and basil that later became part of a pasta dinner. And that was followed by homemade peach ice cream.

There was also a trip to my favourite thrift store (my best find was an "A-Team" sheet for Henry's bed), a bike ride, and some painting and goofing off in the evening. And everyone was happy all day, the weather was nice, it was perfect. Can't wait to see how awesome today is.

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