18 January 2011

an almost 11 month old

Henry is at a really fun age right now. Kevin and I have both felt that in the past week or so we have been seeing him get smarter. Starting to understand things or at least try to ounderstand things. Starting to try to tell us what he wants. Yes this is the point where I can see the advantages of that baby signing that I never could get myself to do. We seem to have taught him to nod and make a little hmm noise whenever we use a questioning tone of voice which is fun but doesn`t really tell us much.

He is turning into a very independent guy. As long as he is in a good mood (which he mostly is, even this past week when he`s had some teething pains) he`ll just play by himself for hours. But he does like to be in the same room as us which is so sweet. And he is so into toys, just loves pulling them all out, examing them, is very into putting things into other things. He discovered the seat on his push toy lifts and he can put stuff in there the other day.

He understands lids now, we have seen him a couple of time`s trying to put lids on the containers they belong to. and he`ll try and try and try and doesn`t get frustrated at his clumsiness.

His favourite thing is walking around the house holding onto his little push toy. He has even mastered steering. On the weekend he even took a few steps. It was more like a controlled fall but he is on his way to walking. Twice yesterday he just took his hands off the toy he was holding onto for support. But when he realized he was standing on his own he quickly got scared and sat down.

And he loves feeding himself. He`ll sit happily in his high chair and eat for an hour sometimes, just exploring the eating thing. He is not so into nursing at the moment but he`ll still do it a few times a day when he`s sleepy and thinks snuggling is not too boring.

We are having so much fun with him. It`s hard to believe it could get any better but still I think it just might.

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