16 January 2011

Winter Skirt #2

I made a second winter skirt last week. I still like winter skirt #1 but this one is a bit more wearable without all that fabric, the circle skirt actually makes me feel too hot sometimes! And so you know I did try to iron the skirt but wrinkles just weren't coming out. I swear!

I was digging through my fabric stash and found these old pants and I just thought: I've never tried making a skirt from pants. For someone who loves making clothes from other clothes, it seemed like an important thing to try. And these pants were a lovely 100% wool material - perfect for adding to my winter skirt collection.

I was lucky that these were oversized and pleated so I didn't have to add a panel or anything (like here). I really just undid both inner leg seams and then sewed them together the other way, making a front seam and a back seam, leaving a little slit in the back for walking ease. And they already have pockets! 4 pockets to be exact! Skirts with pockets are even better than pants with pockets because putting your hands in skirt pockets just makes you feel really cool and hipster somehow. Or at least it does me.

I got Kevin to take a picture of me wearing my new skirt and decided I wanted to take more interesting pictures of me doing romantic things in the skirt a la Soulemama. I really wanted to be holding a baby and stirring a pot of soup while wearing the skirt but without a lot of setup this is what we came up with, not totally Soulemama but a little more interesting I think.

PS - I hope that didn't come out snarky, I really do love Soulemama. Even though I usually don't like 'life is great, look at all the simple wonders around us' type prose I just eat it up when Soulemama does it.

And this picture doesn't actually show the skirt but I am wearing it and I think it is totally Soulemama-worthy! Aren't we sweet.

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