24 January 2011

Working on Walking

Here it is, the first picture of my little baby standing on his own. Blurry, I know. But it's an important picture. Just since Sunday night Henry has been really enjoying standing on his own. Still for no more than 10 seconds at a time but he is doing it. He'll let go of his toy or the table and do it on his own and sometimes he'll let us help him by holding him up and then letting go. He'll occasionally take a step too. And he seems to be quite pleased with himself about the whole thing.

He is also doing lots of this. Letting go and then slowly bending his knees and banging down onto his bum.

And another grown up thing, he is also letting me read to him more. You can tell from all my recent blog posts that Henry hasn't been taking up too much of my time. He has been so independent and hasn't really wanted me playing with him. During the day he did his thing and I did mine. I was even feeling a bit negligent. But now it seems he is getting just a little bit interested in books and will hold still and let me read to him.

But only sometimes!

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