06 January 2011


Today I finally finished the giant trivet that I started working on back before the holidays. We have a beautiful teak dining table so we are always careful not to put hot (or even warm!) things directly on it. So it's usually a mess of mismatch trivets. So I wanted to make one trivet big enough to hold all (or almost all) the hot pots for one meal. So I made this:

You can tell I'm quite pleased with how it turned out because I've included 4 pictures of one simple trivet. I got the idea from Ken Burton's Table Saw Book but made it larger to fulfill my vision. I chose 9" x 24". And like always I just used some scrap 2 x 4 s and my table saw. Then stained and varnished it so I think it looks like a quite nice trivet rather than a hunk of structural lumber on the dining table.

And here it is in action, we had fajitas for dinner tonight and it held all 3 of our hot dishes. Perfect!

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