10 January 2011

A Chance to Sew a Dress

We went to a joint birthday party for all the babies from our prenatal class who are turning one right about now. We did a little gift exchange and since of the 6 babies, Henry is the only boy I took the opportunity to sew a little toddler dress. I used a woman's size large thin sweater to make a little T-shirt dress with a belt and matching bloomers. I started off making a tutorial but it ended up being one of those do this, now try it on, now change it a little bit kind of projects. One thing that made it super easy was that I was able to ``reuse`` the entire neckline and shoulders by putting some fabric behind the V-neck to make it smaller.

I had Henry model it but it was near impossible to get a photo of him - he would not stop moving on this day. I love how it turned out, a little big on Henry but he is the skinniest I think. It went to a little girl who is also small so it'll be great to wear this summer hopefully.

A closeup of the bloomers:

I really love the bloomers, think I will make some more for Henry to wear as shorts this summer.

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