05 January 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts Part 2

These are the gifts I made for Kevin and Henry this year.

This is my masterpiece that I started making for Kevin in October. It was a lot of work and used all my skills: sewing, embroidery, painting, woodworking. I was inspired by a painting we saw in an expensive baby shop that Kevin loved. The painting cost $300 and I thought I can recreate that. But since I'm not really a painter I thought I'd do it with fabric. All I painted was the Earth just using regular acrylic paint. It was really fun to figure out how to put it together as I went along. Briefly, here is how I made it. Maybe Kevin will even read it and gain a new appreciation for my work of art.

1.Got a piece of canvas (quite loosely woven to allow for easy embroidery), sprayed it black with fabric spray paint.
2.Using gold thread in my sewing machine, sewed on the lines representing the orbits.
3.Found various circular objects in my home the right size for each planet and the sun and traced them. Cut two circles for each planet, sewed them together, turned and top stitched them onto the fabric. (That is how I do applique, prefer it to other methods and feel it's much sturdier.)
I did add some embellishment to some of the planets like that big swirl on Jupiter and some sewn lines on Venus.
4.Sewed on small buttons to represent the dwarf planets.
5.Did A LOT of embroidery for the labels.
6.Using wood from 2x4s, made a wooden frame.
7.Stapled the fabric onto the frame.

And the other presents I made for them were matching slippers and PJ pants. For Kevin's slippers I used this pattern that I bought years ago, he needed new ones because the ones I made him originally were finally worn out. And this time I used some scrap yoga mat material that Len's Mill Store was selling for the sole so they are extra comfy. For the bottom of the sole I use fake suede upholstery fabric and that held up very well. On Henry's I added some vinyl to the sole to make them non-slip. For Henry's slipper pattern I just copied his Robeez. In these photos he is wearing just one slipper, we seem to have left the other one at Nana's.

And for the pants I just traced some of their existing pants, Indietutes has great instructions for that here. I put seam pockets in for Kevin because I know he hates pants without pockets. And the material is just a flannel sheet that the thrift store had for 50 cents and it has dogs and cats snuggling each other so I had to use it for something.

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