08 July 2011

4 year anniversary

Kevin and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary yesterday. We had a special evening at home with Henry.
LinkFirst we made dinner together, enjoyed some spanakopita loaf (from the book Vegan Bake Sale) as an appetizer while we cooked.
We made our favourite cheeseless pizza which we haven't had in years since it is quite a bit of work. We like eggplant, mushrooms, and caramelized mushrooms on top of a sauce of diced tomatoes. We also added some fresh basil from the garden.
We had fun with Henry while we waited for it to cook.
Kevin made us some mojitos using mint from the garden.We had perfect weather for hanging out in the garden enjoying our special meal.Henry liked the pizza, well mostly the crust.We went for an evening stroll.
And when we came back we had my homemade ice cream with homemade caramel. The recipe was from the book The Vegan Scoop which I just got out from the library. This book is full of great vegan ice cream recipes, I want to try more for sure. The caramel was supposed to be mixed into the ice cream but both the ice cream and the caramel ended up too hard for that, it was actually quite difficult to eat them together at all. It is also great to be using our ice cream maker again, a wedding present that has sat unused for too long.

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