12 July 2011

Peas and Raspberries

The pea and raspberry season is in full swing in our backyard. We are getting almost a pint a day of each if you include the wild raspberries. I think the wild ones are so pretty, how they're all different colours. You have to wait till they're very very dark to pick them to get maximum sweetness.Henry has gone off raspberries but he still loves peas. He started picking the raspberries to give to me though - so sweet! But since he was no good at only picking the ripe ones I had to tell him to stop.
The garden is getting very wild - I must do some work out there soon but it is so darn hot and humid!
Henry is very into climbing onto chairs and eating with us at the grown up table, it feels nice to all be sitting around the same table even if it means having to keep a close eye on him to make sure he is being safe.
I also used some of the lettuce from the garden for a side salad for dinner tonight. The salad was lettuce and chives from the garden and sprouts from the kitchen counter.

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