26 July 2011

A Lovely Evening

The three of us had a lovely evening together yesterday. It started with a nice restaurant meal at an indian place but Henry was not too co-operative about staying and being a good boy in the restaurant so it wasn't the nicest dinner. He just has to be outside recently and he does this thing where he comes up to you, grabs your hand and tries to pull you outside all the while saying "door door door". It's very cute but is always annoying when he does it during a meal.

So after the meal we made sure to do something that was fun for Henry too - we went over to Waterloo Park. And we all had so much fun. All of a sudden Henry was the perfect age for everything there. He loved walking along the train tracks.And he was really into the animals. Here he is with the turkey, he is pretty good at saying "turkey" too.We didn't even take the stroller out of the car, Henry did a great job at walking along with us. And when we told him there were "more animals" over this way he was happy to follow along. Here he is putting his fingers a little too close to the pig's mouth.He led us over to the playground. Suddenly he was very into going down the slide himself, positioning himself and sliding down backwards. He used to do this months ago but then stopped after bopping his chin too many times.
And Kevin and I were amazed when we looked up and saw that he had climbed into this car rocking toy all on his own. And then he even started rocking himself. What a big boy! He LOVED it.
When we got home we relaxed on the front porch with a fancy trappist beer while Henry played outside. It was perfect.

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