13 July 2011


After making myself so many tops a few weeks ago, it was time to make a few more bottoms. These are both from the pattern 'T' seen above in Happy Homemade Volume 1, a Japanese pattern book that I love. I had actually made a variation of this pattern a few weeks ago and found that the fit was just so perfect - just enough room to be comfy but not look too sloppy. And I am enjoying the comfort of an elasticated waist.

These shorts are made with no variation to the pattern. Except for adding the pockets and making them flat front (elastic only in the back) but the length is from pattern. They are made from a navy blue twill that I bought new because I really wanted some plain shorts.And these pants are the same pattern but lengthened. New fabric is very expensive and I had lots of stuff I wanted to sew so when I found that Ikea had unbleached cotton at $2/metre and it actually felt quite nice I snapped up 10 m thinking I could spend a bit of money on dye and make it different colours for various projects. And this fabric resulted from my trying to dye 3 m grey for a dress I wanted to make. I obviously grossly underestimated the amount of liquid needed to evenly dye 3 m and ended up with this blotchy mess. Well I decided the mess was quite cool actually, but I didn't want to use it for a dress so I made these pants. I think I love them but I haven't worn them yet so we'll see how comfortable I am in them in public. I am loving sewing right now but of course I don't want to sew anything that is the same as what I could just buy in the store... so my clothes are naturally going to get more and more unconventional.And speaking of unconventional, here is Henry's 'screw you' to convention. Holding his spoon in one hand while using his other hand to shovel apple sauce into his mouth, what a sweetie.

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