18 July 2011

The Weekend

Summer weekends are so full - there's just so much to do in the summer. This is especially true with a toddler or maybe it just seems that way because we take more pictures.
Festivals, water fun, and just getting outside to enjoy the weather quickly fills up every weekend. After saying that, I should admit that we did consider just staying inside on Sunday as it was sooo hot. We're glad we changed our minds. Here are some pictures from our fun weekend.

First things first: garage sales Saturday morning, here's Henry playing with his favourite find.
Lunch at Kitchener's beer and rib fest.Some adventures at the Splash pad. He's much more adventurous when holding my hand.We found out Henry loves homemade pesto.
A quick dip in our local creek.Swinging on the swings with Uncle Corey.Checking out car-free Sunday in Uptown Waterloo.
After a busy hot weekend, we are very ready to stay inside and watch the thunderstorms that are called for today, we'll probably have the rubber boots out at some point too.

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