18 July 2011


I made a pie that I am so proud of that I just had to take pictures. And then what else would I do with the pictures but put them on my blog. I made a blueberry pie because Freshco had blueberries for $1 a pint and I went crazy and bought 4 pints. I used the pastry recipe from the book Vegan Bake Sale. It is by far the best pastry I have ever made but it was quite a bit of work so I think for my next pastry I will try following the recipe but skip a few steps and see how it turns out. And yes I really ought to buy a proper pie dish except I kind of like the idea of being known for my extra deep dish pies.I am most proud of my lattice crust, I almost didn't bother thinking it was too much work but it really wasn't and looks so good.

And with the extra pastry I made some little turnovers.
Some with raspberries from the garden:
And some with an old apple I found in the fridge:

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