21 July 2011


I am so excited to get into arts and crafts with Henry and was starting to get a bit bored of finger painting. Markers are too difficult because he has to put the exact right part onto the paper and crayons are too difficult because he has to push too hard. At car free Sunday in Waterloo Henry seemed to be having some luck with the sidewalk chalk. So I went out and got him some of his own chalk and a chalk board and we tried it today. And it's a success. He purposely drew with the chalk and I think he enjoyed it.It`s very hot today (34C feels like 46C) so we are staying in the air conditioning. Here are some of the other things we`ve been doing to keep occupied inside the house.
Eating popsicles even though it`s nice and cool inside
Getting out all the toys, these are usually kept away because all he likes to do is throw them around
A pillow fight, it was a bit one-sided but Henry loved being hit with a big pillow
Some guitar playingRunning around the sewing room. Kevin hates my blurry pictures and is always telling me to give it up and turn on the flash but didn`t this one turn out awesome?!And some boring old finger painting. Henry's finger painting has really improved over the past month or so - it has become so deliberate, he totally gets what he's doing and moves the paint around with one finger.I think I`ve used up all my ideas for activities, not sure what we'll do when he wakes up from his nap.

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