15 February 2011

Custom Built Furniture

I finished up a piece of furniture I've been working on for awhile this weekend. It fills that awkward space created by having the TV cabinet in the corner at an angle. And it gives us a tiny shelf, a little more space for puting toys away. And the top is a shelf/seat in a pinch. It also has a little triangular shelf up top to fill in the triangular gap (I am realizing at this point that my pictures are a bit lacking oh well) which gives us just a little extra surface space that Henry can't reach (a bit pointless to put his little toy horse up there but I'm sure it will come in handy for other things later).

I made it out of an old Ikea slat bed that I rescued from my neighbour's garbage, some leftover pine laminate for the shelf, a wrecked coffee table top for the seat, scrap 2x4 for the structural pieces, and an old trench coat lining for the fabric. All I had to buy was the foam for the seat. And I ruined any chance of it being considered a bit 'eco-friendly' by slathering it in stain and urethane that I had to buy as well. While I was breathing in the fumes while staining I did vow that I would look into more environmentally friendly methods for the next thing I make. Might have to stick with painted furniture.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I wasn't sure that any kind of furniture would be able to fill that funny corner without looking crowded. And I think I came up with something simple enough that I could make look good and something quite useful. Henry's toys are just slightly more 'put away' when they're thrown in the basket on the shelf as opposed to a basket on the floor. And I think I totally pulled off the shelf/seat.

Henry likes it too.


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